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STOPNOISE is an icon journal featuring icons by the very elusive Anna and Carina (icon wins here). We are only limited to making icons, but that could change in the future. As of now, we're concentrated on icons because that's what we enjoy. Check out our memories for the list of icons we've already done.

1. Kindly comment on the entry which contains the icon you covet. Also, take as many as you want!
2. You MUST credit stopnoise or the creator of the icon in your keywords. "How?" you ponder. Its simple, actually. After uploading an icon, you will see a text field beneath the default/delete buttons, and that's where one would input credit. (If you are using an icon outside of LiveJournal - DeadJournal, GreatestJournal, etc - please credit using "stopnoise@lj" or something to that effect.)
3. We don't take requests unless stated, because we're currently really busy with schoolwork.
4. Do not steal our icons! Yes, you may use them on your journal, but never claim them as yours!
5. Also, please don't direct link. It makes us sad.
6. If you want anything modified, inform us and we'll see what we can do. If you modify them yourself, we will modify your body parts.

teh_indy, thefirefly, checkmate__, _mismatch, buckleberry_, backstage_icons, infinite_icons, mesmeriseicons, disappearicons, iconboy, yellow_dusk, yule_ball, charmicons, incarnatus, nillaith, ve_ve, buttah_icons, stripedbox, by_jazzling, _coquettish, tandtinc, devouricons, zink, la_reveur, piratesocks, model_graphics.
Want to be affiliated with us? Comment on the most recent entry and we'll add you to the list. Please and thank you!